Edison  G  Agoram  Memorial  School
Edison  G  Agoram  Memorial  School

Since 1998

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From the Chairman Desk


Dear Parent / Guardian

EGAMS has been, is and will be a school which will be etched in the mind of your child as a golden memory. EGAMS is synonymous to childhood happiness and enjoyment. We are committed to ensure that your child will remain happy and spread happiness to the society that we instill in them at school.

Our team of dedicated and talented staff are trained to make learning an enjoyable experience for the child through a caring and friendly approach. We adopt a curriculum which not only caters to the academic needs of the child but also contributes to the physical and emotional development which will ensure that he/she will become a well-balanced individual and take on the problems of the world with grit and confidence.

We are open to regular updation of our curriculum and teaching methodologies to stay abreast with the constant evolution of the society. We strive to facilitate educational thinking in conjunction with other holistic objectives.

We take pride in providing a safe, secure, clean and peaceful environment with child friendly buildings which are well lit, airy and spacious and filled with comfortable furniture. Our team of support staff ensure a neat and hygienic atmosphere at all times.

We constantly strive to establish unity and a secular society by celebrating all festivals with pomp and grandeur. The different club activities of the school cater to the development of the child and to create and nurture an interest in fine arts among them. The aim is to make the child successful not only in life, but also conscious of his duties and responsibilities towards his fellow citizens.

We the Management, Principal and staff are cordial and congenial and assure you that we will give a patient ear to your queries and suggestions and strive to satisfy your needs.

I wish to add that we at EGAMS still have a long way to go, but we are already so far from where we used to be and I am proud of that.

Looking forward to collaborating with you as partners to contribute to the development and success of your child.

C. Shammi Ratna